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How to: Installing Ubuntu CCcam + sbox
Installing Ubuntu CCcam + sbox with Automatic Script

Here I leave my latest version of this script as requested, with the latest version of cccam and sbox
This version is only for 32-bit installations.

CCcam 2.1.3 and sbox 0.0.4-6:

CCcamPHPInfo V4: with automatic installation of Apache2 and PHP5 translated into Spanish and with a direct link to the web interface sbox.

Cccam + sbox Script: To start and stop CCcam and sbox
cccam + sbox start
cccam + sbox stop
sbox restart cccam +

Script Check: Check every 15 minutes CCcam working correctly, and if not restart it so.

Updatecomfig Script: Applies all changes made to cccam.cfg once a day (3 AM) to avoid having to reset every time

Usuario_ilegal Script: Blocks ip of people who are not on our cccam.cfg

Auto_arranque Script: Start CCcam automatically when we turn on the PC

Vsftpd: Convert our PC into an FTP server (so we can upload files)

Filezilla: FTP client to use with the dreams

ddclient: To update the IP of our own dyndns

First of all install Ubuntu, here I leave a video of how it

h*tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVmpTQW_fP8 spanish version

Once we've finished the installation by installing the automated script, open a console and type

chmod 777 Instalador.sh
. / Instalador.sh
The script is run automatically and install everything, just ask us if we configure the network card, if you already did it manually before tri-fold jump over.
Then we only need to upload via FTP the cccam.cfg and sbox.conf and restart!

Gracias a gabrielchuky
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