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Прошивка 2.10.67 - LIGHT, CLASSIC II, NANO, NANO 2 И DROID

skyway » Вт июн 26, 2012 2:55 pm
ПРОШИВКА 2.10.67

Прошивка для ресивера SKYWAY LIGHT:
Прошивка для ресивера SKYWAY CLASSIC II:
Прошивка для ресивера SKYWAY NANO:
Прошивка для ресивера SKYWAY NANO 2:
Прошивка для ресивера SKYWAY DROID:

Что нового в прошивке:

Release note (S/W Ver: v2.10.66)
[ Key Issue ]

1. S/W, download from server function is updated
- After downloading S/W, background download is available By pressing red button.
- After downloading S/W, Available to choose upgrade type as Now / 30min later / 1 hour later

2. Internet Radio+ / RSS URL filese download from server : Supported

3. Enhanced Weather forecast : Updated
- Removed some areas which could not load from weather's data server.

[ Common Issue ]

1. RSS News URL added

2. Internet TV+:
- 'Delete All' added (pop up in 'Delete' button)
- Overwrite same URL.

2. Internet Radio+ upgraded
- Total number of URL list : 100 -> 200 increased
- Overlap checking for URL list
- Deleting URL list separately
- Deleting URL list All by hot key

3. Path bug issue from Playlist: Solved
- When connected with Internal HDD and External USB, It had wrong playlist path but now solved.

4. Russian language in YouTube search : Supported

5. After downloading Channel list (FDU) then Hang-up issue : Solved

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